Webber WH Questions Interactive CD-Rom, Level 1: Sentence-Based Activities

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Mark Strait, Clint Johnson, Audrey Prince, Tawnia Lechner

  • Webber WH Questions Interactive CD-Rom, Level 1

Age Range: 4+
ISBN: 9781586506421

The Webber Interactive "WH" Questions Level 1- Sentence-Based Activities CD-ROM provides your student with 375 questions and answers divided into four sections:

  • Learn About WH Questions - reviews the types of "WH" questions and presents color-coded symbols to help the students remember them.
  • Answer Simple WH Questions - provides practice answering simple "WH" questions.
  • Choose the Correct WH Questions - provides practice matching an answer to the correct "WH" question.
  • Answer WH Inference Questions - provides practice using a picture to infer the answer to a "WH" question.

Increase the difficulty of the program by simply changing the program settings. This program automatically collects and tracks student data on your hard drive for an unlimited number of students. With a click of your mouse, create student reports for sending home to parents, other teachers, or for your records.