Visual Supports for People with Autism 2nd Ed
225 pages
ISBN: 9781606132159

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Visual Supports for People with Autism 2nd Ed: A Guide For Parents & Professionals

$45.95, Softcover
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Marlene J Cohen, Peter F Gerhardt

Visual supports, i.e. any pictorial, graphic, or scheduling aid; are excellent tools for teaching academic, daily living, and self-help skills to people with autism. This reader-friendly and practical book shows teachers, parents, and service providers how to make low-tech visual supports, and offers strategies for using them.

The second edition includes expanded information about using visual supports with the youngest children, advice on fading supports, and updated photo examples of:

  • activity schedules
  • calendars
  • charts
  • checklists & to-do lists
  • colour coding
  • flip books
  • graphic organisers
  • mnemonics
  • name tags
  • photo boards
  • Power Cards
  • scripts
  • Social Stories
  • video modelling

A new chapter covers high-tech options for visual supports (iPads, smartphones, etc.) and how to choose appropriate ones, and particular features that are good for people with autism.