Teaching Playskills: To Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

$45.85  Softcover
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Melinda J Smith

Teaching Playskills

ISBN: 9780966526639

This comprehensive manual encompasses the many aspects of play and how they can be incorporated into the lives of children with developmental delays. Written accessibly and intimately, Dr. Smith gives both parents and professionals a concrete look into the dynamic world of play and how it affects and applies to ASD children. The guide begins by defining play and delineating methods of developing and teaching playskills, addressing everything from building toys to games and music, to sensory play as well as imaginative play. The final chapters deal with the important yet challenging aspects of peer interactions and the dynamics of playgroups for preschool and school-aged children.

The progression of playskills is a key element in development. In fostering and encouraging ASD children to learn how to play, they are assisted in their progression toward the mainstream. This is an invaluable manual for families that are participating in home or centre-based intervention programs and need guidance on how to incorporate age-appropriate playskills into daily living. Part of what makes this particular book so useful is the way in which Dr. Smith clearly delineates how to utilize readily available toys, songs and objects to aid in the process of teaching a child how to play.