be the jellyfish training manual
Be the Jellyfish Training Manual
$51.99, Softcover

Focusses on a child's specific social & emotional needs in order to fulfil their learning potential

circle solutions for student wellbeing, 2ed
Circle Solutions for Student Wellbeing, 2ed
$76.00, Softcover

Australian author, Sue Roffey introduces Circle Time as a structured framework for social and emotional learning and promoting a positive class ethos in a book packed with Circle Time ideas and activities.

coming soon - essential resilience & well-being toolkit for early years
COMING SOON - Essential Resilience & Well-Being Toolkit for Early Years
$87.50, Softcover (inc CD)

Lots of easy-to-use activities drawn from evidence-based approaches such as mindfulness & CBT.

how to get kids offline, outdoors, and connecting with nature
How to Get Kids Offline, Outdoors, and Connecting with Nature
$34.99, Paperback

200+ imaginative ways to inspire young people to put down the computer games and social media

personal well-being lessons for secondary schools
Personal Well-Being Lessons For Secondary Schools
$59.95, Softcover

A highly practical resource backed up by scientific research from the field of positive psychology

the practical well-being programme
The Practical Well-being Programme
$75.99, Paperback (inc CD)

A highly regarded programme drawn from work supporting families of children with severe emotional & behavioural problems

promoting child and parent wellbeing
Promoting Child and Parent Wellbeing
$47.99, Paperback

Support children's development, promote mental & emotional wellbeing & reduce risks of crime & anti-social behaviour

promoting young children's emotional health and wellbeing
Promoting Young Children's Emotional Health and Wellbeing
$29.99, Paperback

Demonstrates easy-to-implement ideas for any professional or parent engaging with young children.

the resilience and wellbeing toolbox
The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox
$62.99, Paperback

An inspiring book for social emotional change in schools with fantastic resources that teachers can easily implement in the classroom.

school of wellbeing
School of Wellbeing
$28.99, Paperback

A unique insight into 12 projects that are helping support teachers to make mental health & emotional wellbeing a key player in the school day.

supporting children's health and wellbeing
Supporting Children's Health and Wellbeing
$61.00, Paperback

Packed with practical advice & information on the key issues relating to children's health & impact on education.