Circle Time

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beginners guide to circle time
Beginners Guide to Circle Time
$25.00, Softcover

A comprehensive and practical resource for teachers which provides explanations, instructions and resources for all the types of Circle Time strategies for junior, middle and upper primary.

circle solutions for student wellbeing, 2ed
Circle Solutions for Student Wellbeing, 2ed
$76.00, Softcover

Sue Roffey's structured framework for social & emotional learning and a positive class ethos - packed with Circle Time ideas & activities

circle time and learning about feelings
Circle Time and Learning About Feelings
$33.00, Softcover

Circle Time creates a sense of belonging and friendly relationships among students and their teachers. This resource is full of lesson formats and activities that build interpersonal skills.

circle time and learning about stories
Circle Time and learning about STORIES
$33.00, Softcover

Using the Circle Time method, students play games, do activities, use their imaginations, create dramatic interpretations and movements, share opinions and ideas through sentence completions, silent statements and guided reflections.

circle time discussion cards - i wish... because...
Circle Time Discussion Cards - I wish... because...
$39.95, Cards (inc CD)

30 Circle Time discussion cards to stimulate the imagination by suggesting different expansions of the child’s world.

circle time discussion cards - if only...
Circle Time Discussion Cards - If Only...
$39.95, Cards (inc CD)

30 Circle Time discussion cards each one showing a start to a sentence which is completely open-ended.

circle time discussion cards - let's pretend...
Circle Time Discussion Cards - Let's Pretend...
$39.95, Cards (inc CD)

30 Circle Time discussion cards each showing an imaginary event or situation, many related to familiar story characters.

circle time for junior primary
Circle Time for Junior Primary
$39.95, Cards

Each of these 40 circle time sessions includes a welcoming activity, warm ups, main activity, discussion question, concluding activity and follow up suggestions.

circle time for the very young, 3ed
Circle Time for the Very Young, 3ed
$73.00, Paperback (inc CD)

Has been used by teachers and practitioners alike for the last ten years! Now in its third edition, this book has been fully updated and includes a CD Rom to help you with Circle Time in your early years setting.

circle time for young children, 2ed
Circle Time for Young Children, 2ed
$52.99, Paperback

An invaluable and fun tool for developing young children's understanding of their feelings and relationships.

circle time games & activities resources kit
Circle Time Games & Activities Resources Kit
$100.00 Our Price - $99.00 Kit

Everything a teacher needs for Circle Time: games & activities book; feelings, character & image cards; CD-ROM

circle time resources toolkit
Circle Time Resources Toolkit
$44.00 Our Price - $39.00 CD

Reproducible card sets, animal masks with feeling expressions, reflection sheets for student journals, lesson planners & more

circle time sessions for relaxation and imagination
Circle Time Sessions for Relaxation and Imagination
$73.00, Softcover

Using the popular technique of Circle Time, this book provides a range of exercises to promote relaxation, inner confidence and a positive sense of self.

creative circle time lessons for the early years
Creative Circle Time Lessons for the Early Years
$95.00, Softcover (inc CD)

This creative book uses music, song, poetry and a host of practical activities to engage young children in Circle Time. It contains 26 practical themes based on the letters of the alphabet.

developing resilience with circle time
Developing Resilience with Circle Time
$39.95, Cards

This resource has 40 easy to use sessions on cards to help children develop social and emotional competence, and a sense of purpose, personal identity and autonomy.

forest of feelings
Forest of Feelings
$43.95, Softcover

A fantastically illustrated and enchanting story about Ben’s quest to save a forest, and a powerful means to promote positive emotional well-being in children.

the grab and go circle time kit
The Grab and Go Circle Time Kit
$39.95, Softcover

Harnesses circle time to create 13 wonderful sessions to actually teach junior primary kids how to think & behave restoratively.

magic circles
Magic Circles
$88.00, Paperback

Provides both the theoretical underpinnings and practical advice you need to help raise self-esteem through Circle Time. The resource also includes a 60 minute audio CD to introduce guided imagery to help build self-esteem.

mediation and restoration in circle time
Mediation and Restoration in Circle Time
$77.99 Our Price - $64.95 Spiral Bound (inc CD)

Include restorative justice & mediation in circle time to help increase participation & develop emotional literacy

positive behaviour and self esteem in secondary schools
Positive Behaviour and Self Esteem in Secondary Schools
$56.95, Spiral Bound

Leading expert on Circle Time, Jenny Mosley, has thoroughly revised her classic book on how to promote positive behaviour and self-esteem in secondary schools through the use of Circle Time.

positive thinking
Positive Thinking
$116.00 Our Price - $97.50 Spiral Bound (inc CD)

A comprehensive approach to help young people maintain self-esteem & wellbeing

problem postcards
Problem Postcards
$77.00, Paperback (inc CD)

A 14-session programme to assist young people who are disaffected and difficult, and could be at risk of exclusion.

quality circle time in the primary classroom
Quality Circle Time in the Primary Classroom
$49.95, Softcover

A practical guide for developing self-esteem & positive behaviour in the primary classroom with circle time activities.

quality circle time in the secondary school, 2ed
Quality Circle Time in the Secondary School, 2ed
$66.99, Paperback

Fully revised and updated, the authors offer over 100 activities and practical strategies to help build teachers' confidence and circle time skills.

social and emotional learning in circle time
Social and Emotional Learning in Circle Time
$193.00 Our Price - $149.95 Ring Bound (inc CD)

Teach kids how to get along with one another, feel confident in themselves, respond to challenges, etc.

stop, think, act
Stop, Think, Act
$48.99, Paperback

Everything you need to know about using self-regulation principles during circle time, literacy & math instruction and in outdoor play.

strengths in circles
Strengths in Circles
$49.50, Cards

Brings Circles technology alive: for both experienced & novice practitioners, with an explicit strengths-based approach to facilitation

turn your school round
Turn Your School Round
$44.95 Our Price - $34.95 Softcover

Jenny Mosley's Circle Time sessions give you a positive way to end bullying, create an effective team and happier, friendlier lunchtimes.