Crisis Management

coping with crisis
Coping With Crisis
$32.95, Softcover

Your crisis-response team members will all want their own copies of this handbook that will prove invaluable on the scene, when response time is crucial and your team's quick reactions may save precious lives.

crisis counseling, intervention and prevention in the schools, 3ed
Crisis Counseling, Intervention and Prevention in the Schools, 3ed
$133.00, Paperback

Discusses the 16 most prevalent types of school crises and includes their characteristics, causes, interventions, and preventive programs.

crisis intervention and crisis management
Crisis Intervention and Crisis Management
$74.99, Paperback

This book discusses steps helping professionals should take in order to prepare for a crisis in their schools and community.

crisis management and the school community
Crisis Management and the School Community
$39.95, Paperback

Offers practical response and recovery procedures for school leaders dealing with emergencies, both within the school and in the larger community.

critical incidents affecting schools
Critical Incidents Affecting Schools
$60.00, Softcover (inc CD)

This manual provides a comprehensive and practical approach to critical incidents impacting on schools.

let's talk - book a
Let's Talk - Book A
$46.95, Softcover

Looks at responding to distressing incidents and tackling school and community issues, including sudden death or serious injury of a child, school vandalism, refugee children.

a practical guide for crisis response in our schools
A Practical Guide for Crisis Response in Our Schools
$43.95, Softcover

An invaluable resource in preparation for, and during, actual crisis situations and continues to serve as a meaningful standard for schools.