Language Rehabilitation

care language processing intervention resource
CARE Language Processing Intervention Resource
$68.50 Our Price - $64.95 Spiral Bound

This book includes language processing exercises and reproducible worksheet pages to help older students and adults who have difficulty processing and using language.

cognitive exercises for language intervention
Cognitive Exercises For Language Intervention
$59.95, Spiral Bound

Use this book to stimulate language production as clients define words, categorise words, and using language functionally for communication purposes.

cognitive rehabilitation speech programme (c.r.i.s.p)
Cognitive Rehabilitation Speech Programme (C.R.I.S.P)
$109.00, CD

‘CRISP’ is a computer based speech rehabilitation tool designed to support Speech & Language Therapists between sessions with their patients.

expressive language rehabilitation resource
Expressive Language Rehabilitation Resource
$71.90, Spiral Bound

This popular volume includes a variety of activities for stimulating oral expression in clients with language disorders.

semantic workbooks
Semantic Workbooks
$217.00, Ring Bound

Using hundreds of clear & captivating illustrations, this photocopiable resource provides a range of semantic therapy ideas & materials.

word retrieval exercises for adolescents and adults
Word Retrieval Exercises for Adolescents and Adults
$67.50, Spiral Bound

Use this book to build word-retrieval skills in clients with language impairments resulting from brain injury.

workbook for vocabulary and verbal reasoning
Workbook for Vocabulary and Verbal Reasoning
$68.95, Spiral Bound

Activities to strengthen vocabulary as students learn words that are closely related in meaning and use these words in various ways.