Behavioural Optometry

$14.95, Paperback

Practical, playful activities are designed to improve visual skills in both adults and children.

how behavioral optometry can unlock your child's potential
How Behavioral Optometry Can Unlock Your Child's Potential
$28.99, Paperback

This introductory guide to behavioural optometry will be a welcome resource for parents and professionals in search of options to help a child who is experiencing visual problems.

letter tracking 2ed
Letter Tracking 2ed
$44.95, Softcover

Designed to improve visual discrimination in students which helps with reversals, skips, left to right directionality, omissions, substitutions, and excursions over the page with the eyes.

the look book
The Look Book
$48.95, Spiral Bound

This visual perceptual workbook has many graded exercises in areas such as tracking, visual memory, closure and discrimination. It encourages attention to detail in print.

sentence tracking high frequency words
Sentence Tracking High Frequency Words
$34.95, Softcover

Without knowing it, as students master tracking skills, they will also become familiar with the 500 sight and phonetic words that are commonly found in everyday language skills.

symbol / letter tracking
Symbol / Letter Tracking
$27.65 Our Price - $25.95 Softcover

Designed to improve visual discrimination, symbol memory, and left-to-right directionality while correcting problems with reversals, omissions, substitutions, and additions.

symbol discrimination and sequencing
Symbol Discrimination and Sequencing
$34.50, Softcover

Designed to improve visual discrimination, visual memory for sequence, noting likenesses and differences, visual matching, and left-to-right progression.

test of visual motor skills 3
Test of Visual Motor Skills 3
$214.95, Kit

This brand-new revision of the TVMS assesses how well a person can coordinate visually guided fine-motor movements to copy a design and whether any errors could be the result of deficits in visual perception, motor planning, and/or execution.

test of visual perceptual skills – 4th edition (tvps-4)
Test of Visual Perceptual Skills – 4th Edition (TVPS-4)
$349.95, Kit

The latest update of the standard comprehensive assessment of visual analysis and processing skills

waddington colour overlays - set of 4
Waddington Colour Overlays - Set of 4

Set of four coloured overlays; Blue, Green, Red, Yellow; with special glare reducing matt coating on one side.

waddington eye and ear testing pack 2nd edition
Waddington Eye and Ear Testing Pack 2nd Edition
$76.95, Kit

The tests provided in this pack will assist teachers to detect children with vision and hearing problems in their classrooms.

word tracking high frequency words
Word Tracking High Frequency Words
$38.95, Softcover

A tracking program designed to help students strengthen left-to-right progression by scanning lines of print to find the 500 words most often used in the English language.