family is like a cake
Family Is Like A Cake
$14.95, Hardback

A family is a lot like a cake. Families come in all shapes and sizes. They are the people who help us feel that we belong.

fasten your seatbelt
Fasten Your Seatbelt
$35.95 Our Price - $29.95 Paperback

An engaging question and answer format addresses the issues and concerns of teens who have a brother or sister with Down syndrome.

i want to be the only dog!
I Want to Be The Only Dog!
$19.99, Paperback

Teaches children to learn about conflict resolution, empathy, fairness, and problem solving with friends and siblings.

my brother is autistic
My Brother is Autistic
$14.99, Paperback

This sensitively written picture book talks about ways autistic kids can be helped & how they can better relate to family & surroundings.

my special brother bo
My Special Brother Bo
$18.95, Paperback

Help siblings relate to life's experiences through this sweet story of love & acceptance with special needs sibling.

playing by the rules
Playing by the Rules
$34.95 Our Price - $22.95 Hardback

A funny, realistic story about how siblings of children with autism bridge the gap of understanding between their sibling & other people.

the sibling slam book
The Sibling Slam Book
$29.95, Softcover

Unedited comments by teens who have siblings with special needs giving others like them a shared experience and reassurance.

the sibling survival guide
The Sibling Survival Guide
$42.95 Our Price - $29.95 Softcover

Gives comfort & support with tips on how to talk to parents about plans for your sibling, and a crash course in medical & legal issues.

$18.95 Our Price - $16.95 Paperback

Turn sibling rivalry into positive sibling relationships with this fun, humorous guide.

siblings (revised edition)
Siblings (revised edition)
$34.95, Paperback

The siblings of children with special needs are often the forgotten ones in families struggling to cope with the demands of having a child with a disability or chronic illness.

views from our shoes
Views From Our Shoes
$32.95 Our Price - $28.95 Paperback

Boys and girls whose essays are featured in this collection share their experiences of growing up with a brother or sister with a disability.

we'll paint the octopus red
We'll Paint the Octopus Red
$34.95 Our Price - $26.95 Hardback

A beautifully written and illustrated story and a set of commonly asked questions about Down syndrome which will help children undserstand how it might affect their sibling and family.

what's up with my family?
What's Up With My Family?
$17.95 Our Price - $12.95 Paperback

Insider information for tweens & teens on family matters, from sibling rivalry to divorce & other difficult transitions.

you are special too
You Are Special Too
$14.99, Paperback

A fun and accessible introduction for the sibling of a child diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (AS).