School Neuropsychology

best practices in school neuropsychology
Best Practices in School Neuropsychology
$186.95, Hardback

This book features guidelines from internationally renowned researchers and clinicians on evidence-based assessment and intervention techniques.

the brain that changes itself
The Brain That Changes Itself
$29.95, Paperback

The discovery of neuroplasticity has profound implications for the education of all children and particularly for those with learning difficulties. A must read book.

essentials of school neuropsychological assessment, 3ed
Essentials of School Neuropsychological Assessment, 3ed
$86.95, Paperback

A practical resource providing learning specialists & school psychologists with clear coverage & vital information on this area of practice within school psychology.

neuroscience for counselors and therapists
Neuroscience for Counselors and Therapists
$85.00, Paperback

A practical and cutting-edge book exploring the relationships between recent neuroscience & counselling theories

the primal teen
The Primal Teen
$26.95, Paperback

This book draws upon the latest scientific discoveries to make the case that the changes the brain goes through during adolescence are as dramatic and crucial as those that take place in the first two years of life.