asperger syndrome in the family
Asperger Syndrome In The Family

Liane Holliday Willey and one of her daughters both have Asperger Syndrome. This rich and positive book underscore the importance of mutual support and respect in an Aspie family and offers practical help for families in similar situations.

be different
Be Different

“I believe those of us with Asperger’s are here for a reason, and we have much to offer. This book will help you bring out those gifts.”

becoming an autism success story
Becoming an Autism Success Story

Anita Lesko shares how she went from an uncoordinated “misfit” kid to the successful & thriving adult she is today

beyond the wall
Beyond the Wall
$39.95 Our Price - $34.95

This honest, courageous book, written by a person with high-functioning autism & Asperger Syndrome, offers so much more than the traditional autobiography.

freaks, geeks and asperger syndrome
Freaks, Geeks and Asperger Syndrome

"so many books are written about us, but none are written directly to adolescents with Aspergers. I wrote one in the hope that we could all learn together". Luke Jackson, 13 years old.

look me in the eye
Look Me in the Eye

The bestselling story of growing up with Asperger's syndrome at a time when the diagnosis simply didn't exist. A rare fusion of inspiration, dark comedy and insight into the workings of the human mind.

making sense of the unfeasible: my life journey with asperger syndrome
Making Sense of the Unfeasible: My Life Journey with Asperger Syndrome

In this engaging story Marc relates how, supported by his family and by services for people with autism, and despite family tragedy and personal difficulties, he learnt to get the most out of life.

nobody nowhere
Nobody Nowhere

Nobody Nowhere is the first instalment in Donna Williams' bestselling four part autobiography. Translated into over 20 languages worldwide, this is possibly the most influential book ever written about autism.

standing down falling up: asperger's syndrome from the inside out
Standing Down Falling Up: Asperger's Syndrome from the Inside Out

This book is a fascinating account of Nita Jackson's experience of Aspergers Syndrome. At times, this is an uncomfortable read. However, it is an essential text if you want to understand how the world looks from Nita's perspective.

thinking in pictures
Thinking In Pictures

Here, in Temple Grandin's own words, is the story of what it is like to live with autism, to be among the few people who have broken through many of the neurological impairments associated with autism.