Word Retrieval

find the word
Find the Word
$48.95, Game

Challenge students with word-retrieval difficulties to "find the right word" as they identify words from verbal clues, give definitions, complete sentences, etc.

word joggers junior card game
Word Joggers Junior Card Game
$128.00 Our Price - $98.95 Game

Offers early intervention & helpful strategies for "jogging" kids' memories.

word retrieval exercises for adolescents and adults
Word Retrieval Exercises for Adolescents and Adults
$67.50, Spiral Bound

Use this book to build word-retrieval skills in clients with language impairments resulting from brain injury.

word retrieval exercises for children
Word Retrieval Exercises for Children
$76.95, Spiral Bound

Word retrieval problems are commonly observed among children with language disorders and learning disabilities. This collection of enjoyable activities can be used to facilitate word retrieval as children participate in a wide range of language tasks.