Life Skills

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100 activities for transition
100 Activities for Transition
$37.00 Our Price - $34.95 Softcover

What is transition? How do we make sure it happens? This manual comes from 4 years of experimenting with how best to help high school students transition to adulthood.

activities to help young people with decisions & choices
Activities to help Young People with Decisions & Choices
$74.95 Our Price - $64.95 Spiral Bound (inc CD)

These activities give young people an understanding of stress & anxiety & teach coping strategies

the asd independence workbook
The ASD Independence Workbook
$33.95, Paperback

Powerful skills to help teens & young adults with autism successfully navigate the skills required for daily living & integration

autism spectrum disorders in adolescents and adults
Autism Spectrum Disorders in Adolescents and Adults
$51.99, Softcover

Leading experts present effective practices for helping people with autism (ASD) to thrive in adulthood.

build your own life
Build Your Own Life
$31.95, Paperback

Essential reading for all those on the higher-functioning end of the autism spectrum, helping them to get the best out of a world that is often confusing and aiding those close to them to understand their perspective.

building essential language life skills from a-z (bells)
Building Essential Language Life Skills from A-Z (BELLS)
$59.95, Spiral Bound

Here is a book that provides opportunities for realistic oral language practice in a variety of home and community situations. The book includes 312 activities for role-playing and/or discussion.

caring for myself
Caring for Myself
$27.99, Paperback

This is an entertaining and educational social/life skills storybook that will help children with ASDs to understand the importance of taking care of their bodies.

colorcards decisions
Colorcards Decisions
$98.99, Cards (inc CD)

Encourage rational decision making with this set of 30 photographic cards that feature unexpected or unwelcome situations.

day-to-day life skills reading
Day-to-Day Life Skills Reading
$59.95, Spiral Bound

Help students with language and learning disabilities develop reading skills necessary to function effectively in a variety of daily life situations.

day-to-day life skills series (3 books)
Day-to-Day Life Skills Series (3 books)
$179.95 Our Price - $174.95

Get all three books in the comprehensive Day-to-Day Life Skills Series. The activities build reading, writing, and speaking skills using topics that focus on daily living skills.

day-to-day life skills speaking
Day-to-Day Life Skills Speaking
$59.95, Spiral Bound

Develop vocabulary and language skills relating to a variety of daily life activities.

day-to-day life skills writing
Day-to-Day Life Skills Writing
$59.95, Spiral Bound

The activities in this book help students develop the writing skills necessary to communicate basic information in a variety of situations.

dear diana... diana's guide to independent living
Dear Diana... Diana's Guide to Independent Living
$41.00 Our Price - $39.95 Paperback

Helpful advice & support for living an independent & meaningful life from a young adult with special needs.

decibella and her 6-inch voice
Decibella and Her 6-Inch Voice
$19.99, Paperback

Show kids that different situations require a different tone - when to use their 5 voices - whisper, 6-inch, table-talk, strong speaker & outside.

the down syndrome transition handbook
The Down Syndrome Transition Handbook
$47.00 Our Price - $42.95 Softcover

A veteran parent and expert on transitioning advises families on how to prepare their child with Down syndrome for independent adult life. Whether your child is in high school or an older adult still at home, this handbook outlines what to consider.

functional sequencing activity sheets
Functional Sequencing Activity Sheets
$72.50 Our Price - $69.95 Spiral Bound (inc CD)

Put it in order! Functional Sequencing uses six-step sequences to teach students how to do over 40 daily living activities. Sequences range from basic to complex in eight categories.

healthy living meals colorcards
Healthy Living Meals ColorCards
$86.99 Our Price - $69.95 Cards

For people with language and/or sequencing difficulties to allow inclusion in shopping & preparation of healthy meals.

how do i...discussion pack?
How do I...Discussion Pack?
$227.96 Our Price - $220.00

These card games offers assistance in the form of discussion and reflection for friendship, dating, choice making and getting a job.

how do i...make choices?
How do I...Make Choices?
$56.99, Cards

These cards provide an ideal platform to help participants to make informed choices.

how to succeed in college and university with specific learning difficulties
How to Succeed in College and University with Specific Learning Difficulties
$19.99, Paperback

From advice on the best career to choose, how to live independently and working skills this is a comprehensive guide.

how to support children moving school
How to support Children Moving School
$34.95, Softcover

This new addition to the best selling How to’ series is a practical guide to supporting children and young people making transitions at all stages of their school lives.

how to teach life skills to kids with autism or asperger's
How to Teach Life Skills to Kids with Autism or Asperger's
$36.50, Paperback

Co-author of the groundbreaking book Asperger's and Girls, Jennifer McIlwee Myers' personal experience with Asperger's Syndrome and having a brother with autism makes her perspective doubly insightful.

implementing ongoing transition plans for the iep
Implementing Ongoing Transition Plans for the IEP
$97.70, Softcover (inc CD)

In this book, McPartland responds to the very real problems of post education integration for those with special needs by diagramming a new approach to the assessment and instruction of students in an ongoing life skill and transition program.

incentives for change
Incentives for Change
$27.95, Paperback

This easy-to-follow guide explains a variety of motivational methods and systems for teaching a wide variety of social skills, such as interacting playfully with others and making eye contact, and life skills such as getting dressed and doing chores.

judgmental flower
Judgmental Flower
$19.99, Paperback

Introduce the topics of cultural diversity & racial prejudice to students, help develop emotional intelligence skills in learning to accept & value differences in others.

the kitchen classroom
The Kitchen Classroom
$62.00 Our Price - $54.95 Paperback (inc CD)

Unique cookbook shows parents how to teach their children with disabilities cooking skills as they practice important motor, communication & sensory skills.

language for living
Language for Living
$83.99, Spiral Bound (inc CD)

This unique collection of 180 enjoyable group activities aims to foster both the skills underlying communication, such as body language and awareness of others, and aspects of spoken language itself.

life skills activities for secondary students with special needs, 2ed
Life Skills Activities For Secondary Students with Special Needs, 2ed
$46.95, Softcover

A unique collection of 190 illustrated activity sheets with related exercises, discussion questions, and evaluation suggestions to help students acquire the basic skills necessary to achieve independence and success in everyday living.

life skills activities for special children, 2ed
Life Skills Activities For Special Children, 2ed
$46.95, Softcover

Over 180 step-by-step lessons with reproducibles to help special students develop and practice the basic "survival" skills they need for school and daily living situations.

lou knows what to do special diet
Lou Knows What to Do Special Diet
$19.99, Softcover

A storybook to help children with food allergies learn how to stick to a special diet & avoid foods that make them sick.

the potty journey
The Potty Journey
$37.95, Softcover

This no-nonsense, often humorous book shares strategies with remarkable results for parents of children with autism & related disorders.

preparing for life
Preparing for Life
$49.95, Softcover

This easy-to-follow resource provides a complete toolbox of skills and the means to attain them so students may approach their futures with excitement rather than anxiety.

preparing simple snacks colorcards
Preparing Simple Snacks ColorCards
$86.99 Our Price - $69.95 Cards

For people with language and/or sequencing difficulties to allow inclusion in shopping & preparation of simple meals.

promoting self-determination in students with developmental disabilities
Promoting Self-Determination in Students with Developmental Disabilities
$53.99, Softcover

Reviews the breadth of available methods for teaching components of self-determination and provides best-practice recommendations that teachers can put to immediate use in the classroom.

$76.00, Softcover

Presents research-proven instructional strategies that empower special needs students at all grade levels to make their own decisions.

steps to independence
Steps To Independence
$72.00, Softcover

A hands on resources that's already helped thousands of other parents, this book gives you proven strategies for teaching the life skills children from age 3 through young adulthood need to live as independently as possible.

taking care of myself
Taking Care of Myself
$44.95, Softcover

Covers all those issues that many parents have difficulty explaining to their children. It is a must-read for those who love and guide students with disabilities.

teaching time management to learners with autism spectrum disorder
Teaching Time Management To Learners With Autism Spectrum Disorder
$43.50 Our Price - $39.95 Paperback

Presents ways to facilitate time-management skills for learners with autism spectrum disorder.

toilet training for individuals with autism & related disorders, 2ed
Toilet Training For Individuals With Autism & Related Disorders, 2ed
$36.50, Softcover

An excellent guide through the special difficulties encountered when toilet training an individual with autism. This book offers over 200 toilet training tips, 50 case examples from which you can learn, and 40 "cautions."

tom needs to go
Tom Needs to Go
$19.99, Hardback

With simple & effective illustrations, this is a perfect starting point for teaching independence when using public toilets.

transition behavior scale iep and intervention manual
Transition Behavior Scale IEP and Intervention Manual
$89.95, Softcover

Provides goals, objectives & interventions to prepare students for employment & independent living.

transition issues for young adolescents
Transition Issues for young adolescents
$37.95, Softcover

Provides strategies to help students through difficult times including transition to secondary school.

vocabulary builders for adolescents with special needs
Vocabulary Builders for Adolescents with Special Needs
$67.95, Spiral Bound

Use this book to teach vocabulary to adolescents with vocabulary deficits. The activities build vocabulary, verbal reasoning, and critical thinking skills relevant to the academic curriculum and the daily living needs of students.

vocabulary builders for daily living
Vocabulary Builders for Daily Living
$58.95, Spiral Bound

Help students with language learning disabilities acquire the survival vocabulary that they need to function in a variety of situations.

vocabulary of community and living (vocal)
Vocabulary of Community And Living (VOCAL)
$57.95, Spiral Bound

Help students expand vocabulary knowledge, comprehension, and verbal association skills using the activities in this book.

webber photo cards function pair-ups
Webber Photo Cards Function Pair-Ups
$24.95 Our Price - $23.95 Cards

Helps students learn to identify and describe everyday objects and to practice linking objects with their primary function.