Multiple Intelligences

eight ways at once: book 1
Eight Ways at Once: Book 1
$73.95, Softcover

Introduces and explains the revisions to both Gardners and Blooms models and outlines over 200 new, practical classroom strategies.

eight ways at once: book 2
Eight Ways at Once: Book 2
$73.95, Softcover

Applies the strategies from Book 1 to five units of work: Animals, Literature, Space and Flight, Heath and Wellbeing, and Planet Earth.

multiple intelligences in the classroom, 4ed
Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom, 4ed
$47.45, Paperback

Everything needed to apply MI theory to curriculum development, lesson planning, assessment, special education, cognitive skills, etc

you're smarter than you think, 2ed
You're Smarter Than You Think, 2ed
$29.95 Our Price - $28.95 Paperback

As kids read this book, they stop asking How smart am I? and start asking How am I smart?