Language Assessment

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an observation survey of early literacy achievement, 3e
An Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement, 3e
$55.00, Softcover

This third edition has been refreshed to ensure clear understanding and consistency in the administration and interpretation of each task.

articulation and phonology screener quick take along
Articulation and Phonology Screener Quick Take Along
$26.95 Our Price - $23.95 Spiral Bound

Gather baseline data, identify areas of concern, or monitor student progress in many speech & language areas.

assessment and intervention materials (aim)
Assessment and Intervention Materials (AIM)
$109.95, Spiral Bound (inc CD)

Here is a collection of practical materials that can be used in programs for students with autism, developmental disabilities, or augmentative communication needs.

assessment of stuttering behaviours
Assessment of Stuttering Behaviours
$97.95, Kit

Here is a practical assessment tool that can be used to collect information about a child's speech fluency at school and at home.

auditory phoneme sequencing test (apst)
Auditory Phoneme Sequencing Test (APST)
$204.95, Kit

Provides a quick assessment of a child's ability to discriminate and retain sounds of language presented in single-syllable words.