Play, Drama, Music

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teach me with pictures
Teach Me With Pictures
$44.99, Softcover (inc CD)

An easy-to-use resource for professionals and parents, this book provides fun and practical ideas to help motivate and extend communication and play skills in children with autism with the support of pictures.

teaching asperger's students social skills through acting
Teaching Asperger's Students Social Skills Through Acting
$36.50, Softcover

Instructs anyone who has a sense of humour and the desire to give their kids "a healthy dose of self-esteem" how to utilise the dramatic arts to build social skills.

teaching music to students with special needs
Teaching Music to Students with Special Needs
$29.95, Paperback

Equips teachers with proven, research-based curricular strategies that are grounded in both best practice and current special education law.

teaching physical education to pupils with special needs
Teaching Physical Education to Pupils with Special Needs
$75.99, Spiral Bound

Activities, games and adaptations developed to enable students with special needs to participate and compete whilst learning and consolidating new and existing skills.

teaching play to children with autism, 2ed
Teaching Play to Children with Autism, 2ed
$78.00, Paperback (inc CD)

The Identiplay intervention helps children on the autistic spectrum or specific communication disorders, learn to play.

teaching playskills
Teaching Playskills
$45.85, Softcover

This comprehensive and accessible manual encompasses the many aspects of play and how they can be incorporated into the lives of children with developmental delays.

treasure baskets and beyond
Treasure Baskets and Beyond
$47.95, Paperback

Shows how kids derive rich & meaningful hands-on learning from sensory-rich objects and the wider application of sensory play.