Mental Health

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the teacher's guide to student mental health
The Teacher's Guide to Student Mental Health
$45.95, Hardback

From ADHD to schizophrenia and everything in between, what teachers need to know about their students’ mental health.

teaching kids with mental health & learning disorders in the regular classroom
Teaching Kids with Mental Health & Learning Disorders in the Regular Classroom
$66.95 Our Price - $44.95 Softcover

Accessible, ready-to-use guide describes mental health and learning disorders often observed in school children & explains what to do.

teaching social skills to youth with mental health disorders
Teaching Social Skills to Youth with Mental Health Disorders
$54.99, Softcover

A guide for practitioners to incorporate the teaching of social skills as part of the treatment for children diagnosed with mental health disorders.

too blue, 2ed
Too Blue, 2ed
$23.50, Softcover

An encouraging book, which tackles tough topics like suicide and depression in a clear and helpful way.

tough issues, tough choices
Tough Issues, Tough Choices
$96.99 Our Price - $86.99 Ring Bound (inc CD)

24 hard-hitting workshop sessions for staff & student development addressing some of the real concerns & agendas of today's teens