Mental Health

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school counselor's mental health sourcebook
School Counselor's Mental Health Sourcebook
$79.35, Paperback

This unique handbook provides information on common mental health disorders and intervention strategies that busy school counsellors need to help students succeed.

school of wellbeing
School of Wellbeing
$28.99, Paperback

A unique insight into 12 projects that are helping support teachers to make mental health & emotional wellbeing a key player in the school day.

a short introduction to understanding and supporting children and young people who self-harm
A Short Introduction to Understanding and Supporting Children and Young People Who Self-Harm
$27.99, Paperback

An easy-to-read, jargon free and positive approach to tackle the stigma attached to self-harm and suicidal behaviour.

shrink-rap set
Shrink-Rap Set
$130.75 Our Price - $124.95

Popular set of 6 books written by mental health professionals for children and those working with them. Lively and humorous illustrations make tough subjects easier to approach. Save by buying the set!

shrinking the smirch, the young people's edition
Shrinking the Smirch, The Young People's Edition
$48.99, Paperback

A workbook to help young people manage stress, gain confidence, resist peer pressure and stay healthy.

the sky's the limit
The Sky's the Limit
$73.99, Spiral Bound

Help young people with special education needs learn skills & strategies to help maintain their mental health

stopping the pain
Stopping the Pain
$35.95, Paperback

The exercises in Stopping the Pain help explore why teens self-injure and give lots of ideas for how to stop.

suicide in schools
Suicide in Schools
$62.99, Paperback

Clear, step-by-step guidelines to develop and implement effective suicide prevention, assessment, intervention & postvention strategies.