Mental Health

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the ocd workbook for kids
The OCD Workbook for Kids
$33.95, Paperback

Learn to identify obsessions & compulsions, understand them & use simple tools based in exposure & ritual prevention to cope with & overcome this difficult disorder.

on the frontline with voices
On the Frontline with Voices
$52.99, Spiral Bound

Offers a new and practical way of looking at voice-hearing as well as a host of practical strategies to assist in recovery.

optimism boosters
Optimism Boosters
$44.50, Cards

50 cards with lots of simple, practical, creative, fun activities for children who experience worry or anxiety from time to time - and that is every child!

the optimistic child
The Optimistic Child
$19.99, Paperback

A proven program to safeguard children against depression and to build lifelong resilience.

our encounters with self-harm
Our Encounters with Self-Harm
$47.99, Paperback

Inspiring, hopeful and at times challenging to read, these stories will promote understanding & compassion, improve attitudes & care, and offer hope.