Mental Health

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beyond fear and control
Beyond Fear and Control
$46.99, Paperback

Provides in-depth descriptions of a range of innovative practices which are effective in supporting young people who self harm.

beyond the blues
Beyond the Blues
$29.95, Paperback

The forty exercises in this book show teens how to overcome feelings of hopelessness and isolation that often go along with depression.

bipolar ii disorder, 2nd edition
Bipolar II Disorder, 2nd Edition
$97.95, Paperback

Bipolar depression is now known to exist as a spectrum of disorders rather than a single disease entity. This book reviews, for the first time, our knowledge of this debilitating disorder, covering its history, classification and neurobiology.

borderline personality disorder, the facts
Borderline Personality Disorder, The Facts
$26.95, Paperback

This authoritative and easily readable guide provides a compassionate understanding of the condition, plenty of in-depth practical recovery strategies and credible and realistic hope for recovery.

the brain injury workbook, 2nd edition
The Brain Injury Workbook, 2nd Edition
$105.00, Spiral Bound

A rich, comprehensive and photocopiable workbook for professionals, carers and clients.