52 pages
Age Range: 6+


$23.95, Cards
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Kathy Host, Michelle Gips

Excitement mounts as readers try to collect the most cards without drawing the OUTLAW. Suspenseful play exposes kids to frequently occurring words in short phrases.

Best for young readers 6 and up

5 - 10 minutes per round for 2+ players

52 Charming OUTLAW cards in a sturdy deck built to last.

Extensions and extra activities:

  • Read the phrases as prescribed on the directions card in the box for play. For fluency building, give child the deck, or a specific number of cards, and time the reading. Give the same number in subsequent 2 week periods to measure fluency growth.
  • Have the student write the phrase to dictation.
  • Use the phrase in an oral sentence.
  • Use the phrase in a written sentence.
  • Buy an additional deck, and use any number of phrase pairs in a memory/concentration game.
  • Check out the student’s sense of word boundaries. Teacher should read the phrase to the student and have the student count the number of words heard in each phrase.