Talisman Card Games, Set 2

Age Range: 8 to 14

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Talisman Card Games, Set 2

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Ten more sets of beautifully illustrated card games that reinforce phonic skills for catch-up readers. Linked to the popular quest series the Titan Gauntlets and Talisman. Exciting fast-paced card games that older readers will enjoy playing as they learn to read. The 11-20 sets introduce further alternative spellings for vowel sounds. An ideal teaching resource that will re-engage catch-up readers!

The sets introduce consonant digraphs and alternative spellings for vowel sounds:

  • Box 11: er, ur, ir, or, ear
  • Box 12: ow, ou, oi, oy
  • Box 13: a, aw, au, al
  • Box 14: air, are, ear, ere
  • Box 15: ue, ew, u, u-e
  • Box 16: s, ss, se, c, ce
  • Box 17: l, ll, al, il, le
  • Box 18: j, g, ge, dge
  • Box 19: f, ff, gh, ph
  • Box 20: ar, a, al, au