Moon Dogs Set 3

Age Range: 8 to 14
ISBN: 9781783692842

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Moon Dogs Set 3: Vowel Spellings Series, 14 book set

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Clair Baker

Set 3 in the series these decodable books for older, beginner readers, continuing the adventure of the characters in the Moon Dog band. Each of the 14 books contains a six page, fully illustrated story plus reading practice, vocabulary, comprehension questions and a game.

Moon Dogs are based on the 'Sounds-Write' reading and spelling programme.

Set 3 introduces 2 spellings for a vowel sound.

Book 1: ai, ay

Book 2: ee, ea

Book 3: oa, ow

Book 4: ur, ir

Book 5: e, ea

Book 6: ow, ou

Book 7: oo, ue

Book 8: igh, i

Book 9: 00, oul

Book 10: or, aw

Book 11: oy, oi

Book 12: ar, a

Book 13: air, are

Book 14: ear, eer