Girl Bullying
288 pages
Age Range: 5 to 16
ISBN: 9781845909536

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Girl Bullying: Do I Look Bothered?

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Dr Sam

The world of modern day girl bullying is multi faceted, complex and something every school, youth worker and parent wants to overcome. Girl Bullying takes a detailed look at these complexities, together with both proactive and reactive strategies for intervening, managing and teasing out the intricacies that are present when girls bully, and fall prey to those bullies. The aim is to help adults working with girls develop a toolbox of strategies and understanding that can help to provide bespoke approaches. Dealing with these issues takes time and patience, trust and knowledge of those involved and most of all it takes a willingness to appreciate the world around girls today. Written by an expert child psychologist, Girl Bullying aims to increase understanding of the fall out, psychological impact and support strategies for both victims and perpetrators of bullying. Bullying can have a detrimental effect on the academic attainment, self-esteem and day-to-day lives of all the individuals involved. Healthier coping strategies are life skills that help us all to function effectively not just in a school environment, but throughout later life. This is essential reading for anyone working with girls aged 5–16 who wants to facilitate proactive and pro-social skill foundations.