Self-Regulation in the Classroom 8 Poster Set
184 pages
Age Range: 5 to 18
ISBN: 9781631981708

Self-Regulation in the Classroom 8 Poster Set

$48.95, Poster
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Richard M Cash

Teach and reinforce the concepts and strategies in Self-Regulation in the Classroom with these colorful, durable, high-gloss posters. The set also includes a guide for introducing the posters and using them to support students in improving and developing focused attention, motivation, and resilience.

Clockwise from top left:

  • ABCs of Self-Regulation for Learning
  • ABC Reflection Questions
  • 5-Step Problem-Solving Process
  • Take Charge of Boredom
  • 10 Creative Characteristics Worth Developing
  • 10 Important Study Habits
  • 4 A’s of Dealing with Stress
  • 8 Study Strategies for Avoiding Distractions