Leading an Inclusive School
219 pages
ISBN: 9781416622864


Leading an Inclusive School: Access and Success for ALL Students

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Richard A Villa, Jacqueline S Thousand

Richard A. Villa and Jacqueline S. Thousand provide an in-depth, research-based guide for ensuring that your school provides the federally guaranteed "least restrictive environment" for students no matter the severity of the challenges they face.

Leading an Inclusive School: Access and Success for ALL Students offers administrators, teachers, and other educators working to promote inclusion a wealth of information about

  • the history and research base of inclusive education, including landmark court cases, and the philosophical underpinnings of the movement;
  • essential curricular and instructional practices for inclusive schools, such as heterogeneous grouping, creative problem solving, and co-teaching;
  • powerful organisational structures such as Multitiered System of Support and Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Supports to help optimise the benefits of differentiation for all students; and
  • a conceptual framework for co-ordinating educational initiatives and best practices for educating all students in general education.

Also included are vivid personal stories of students with disabilities that illustrate how these students flourish when they learn alongside their general education peers.

Educators who are serious about committing to the success of learners at all levels of perceived physical, intellectual, communication, and social/emotional ability will find the examples, advice, and tools in this book indispensable for planning, implementing, and promoting inclusion in their schools.