Workbook for Vocabulary and Verbal Reasoning

Age Range: 7 to 13

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Workbook for Vocabulary and Verbal Reasoning

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Developed by the ACA Staff

The activities in this book are designed to strengthen vocabulary as students learn words that are closely related in meaning and use these words in various ways. Skills emphasised include describing similarities and differences, making comparisons, identifying and explaining errors, and identifying words that go together. All activities may be reproduced.

The book is divided into two sections:

  1. Words within Categories. Each worksheet activity in this section features one or more concept contrasts. The worksheet activities can be used to strengthen the child's understanding of each concept contrast and to teach other vocabulary words with related meanings. In Activity 1.1, for example, the contrast noisy-quiet is incorporated into activities that can be used to teach blaring, blasting, loud, and other concepts.
  2. Verbal Reasoning Exercises. A variety of verbal reasoning activities are included in this section. Examples are listed below:
    • Creating Opposite Sentences
    • Word Meanings in Sentences
    • Describing Differences
    • Associations
    • Multiple Meanings
    • Sentence Completion
    • Word Comparisons
    • Associating Related Words
    • Finding Similar Meanings
    • What's Wrong Here?
    • Parts and Wholes
    • Pick the Best Word
    • Change the Sentence
    • Which Word Doesn't Fit?
    • Reword the Sentence

The reproducible worksheets can be used with children with communication disorders, auditory processing deficits, or limited vocabulary. Reasoning skills that are critical for success within the academic curriculum are emphasised. The activities can also be used with adults who have language impairments resulting from brain injury.