To Be Gifted and Learning Disabled

ISBN: 9781864010008

To Be Gifted and Learning Disabled: From Identification To Practical Intervention Strategies

$43.45, Softcover
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Susan M Baun, S V Owen, John Dixon Australian author

From Definitions to Practical Intervention Strategies, this remarkable book covers everything a classroom or enrichment teacher requires to begin addressing the needs of a very special group of youngsters - the gifted learning-disabled (GLD).

  • Help in identifying GLD students in your classroom.
  • Definitions and characteristics of GLD students.
  • Numerous examples and success stories to inspire you and help you to unlock your students' potential. This book includes:
  • strategies for improving poor organisational skills,
  • strategies for students with limited reading skills,
  • strategies for managing behaviour,
  • various program strategies discussed that have been successfully used.

For many, the terms learning disabilities and giftedness are at the opposite ends of a learning spectrum. This book profiles the student who is both gifted and learning-disabled.

  • Part one explores the unique characteristics of GLD students and offers a rationale for developing special programs.
  • Part two focuses on ways to identify GLD students and describes a variety of programs that are specifically designed to attend to each student's talents. Teaching strategies are recommended to help GLD students recognise their weaknesses, develop a positive attitude about learning and maximise their intellectual and creative potential.