Screening For Central Auditory Processing Difficulties

Age Range: 4 to 8

Screening For Central Auditory Processing Difficulties

$128.00, Kit
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Dorothy A Kelly

The criterion-referenced screening instrument can be used to pinpoint a variety of auditory processing difficulties that may be affecting a child's functioning in the classroom learning environment. The instrument is designed so that screenings can be conducted in kindergarten and second grade. The instrument can also be administered in other grade levels when children are referred to a speech-language pathologist for testing.

Use of this instrument makes it possible for the speech-language pathologist, classroom teacher, and parents to work as a team in collecting assessment data. The "Quick Checklist," completed by the speech-language pathologist, consists of 20 items assessing the student's ability to perform tasks such as repeating syllables, following oral directions, associating sounds with their source, and repeating digits.

Reproducible checklists for the parent and teacher to complete are included in the manual. Specific criteria are provided for using the data to identify children who are "at risk" for central auditory processing disorder. The complete kit includes the examiner's manual and a package of record forms.