Leela and Ben Mysteries
48 pages
Age Range: 8 to 12
Level: 1st Grade Readability
ISBN: 9781571289887

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Leela and Ben Mysteries

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Bob Wright

Leela and Ben are 12-year-old friends and detectives. If there’s a mystery to be solved, Leela and Ben—and Ben’s dog, Sir—are there! Follow this trio as they solve cases at Dino Land, Camp Get-Away, and all around town. There’s no danger and no edgy themes—just a lot of light-hearted fun. Straightforward, simple stories and a “clue review” at the end of each book help struggling readers solve the mysteries along with Leela and Ben.

  • 95% of the words are from the 1,000 most commonly used words in the English language, with an emphasis on high-frequency, decodable words.
  • 5% of the words are story specific and are defined in context and used multiple times
  • Cohesive text promotes fluency and comprehension

The Case of the Barking Clocks

Someone is using barking clocks to rob stores. Who is it? And why does it smell like stinky cheese everywhere?

Lexile: 260

Mr. Click Is Missing

Mr. Click takes school pictures every year. One day he goes to lunch, and he doesn’t return. What happened to Mr. Click?

Lexile: 220

Mystery at Camp Get-Away

The sixth-grade kids are all having fun at camp. Then someone starts playing jokes on them—or are they jokes?

Lexile: 250

Mystery at Dino Land

Leela and Ben want to see the new dinosaur at Dino Land. Sir keeps finding bones there. Are they dinosaur bones?

Lexile: 240

The Soccer Field Mystery

There’s a new soccer field in town, but it keeps getting messed up. Who is doing it? Is it Sir?

Lexile: 250