223 pages
Age Range: 4 to 9
ISBN: 9781586508180

Request: Stories and Activities for Learning Question Forms

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Gayle H Daly, Susan H McGlothlin

Help students ask and answer questions with the literature-based activities in Request. This valuable resource contains 14 units targeting a combination of yes/no question forms (i.e., is, are, can, will, do/did) and Wh question forms (i.e., what, where, who, why, how, how many, which, and when) using a variety of storybooks with a repeating question format. The predictable pattern in each story provides a model for each question type and several opportunities for the child to hear the targeted question forms. Students then have a chance to hear and practice the question forms in a structured situation during story role-playing.

Request includes materials to help document needs and progress in the understanding and use of question forms and also to chart progression. In each unit you will find:

  • Preparation list - includes specifics of what you will need to be ready for the lesson
  • Step-by-step lesson plan - consistent with the goals of Request
  • Book list - with synopses of relevant and motivating storybooks that repetitively use the targeted question forms
  • Activity list - supporting the targeted question forms such as finger-plays, songs, movement activities, illustrated activity pages, card games, and make-and-take projects
  • Reproducible materials - everything you need for the activities
  • Question connection family letter & question connection family response form - helps build communication with families
  • Classroom connection - teacher letter/response form assists you in communicating with classroom teachers.

Request also has a bibliography of stories with repetitive questions organized by question form. Each includes the author, illustrator, year of publication, and publisher.