The Hands-On Guide to School Improvement
208 pages
ISBN: 9781631980251

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The Hands-On Guide to School Improvement: Transform Culture, Empower Teachers, And Raise Student Achievement

$49.95, Paperback
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Evelyn M Randle-Robbins

This no-nonsense handbook from a working principal helps school leaders bring transformational change to struggling or under-performing schools. Based on the wisdom and experience gained during the author’s years as a teacher and principal in Chicago public schools, the book shows you how to become a visionary leader and build a culture of respect and harmony as a foundation for improvement. Look inside to find strategies, advice, and ideas for:

  • Developing rules and procedures that create a welcoming, respectful climate everywhere in your school, from classrooms to the cafeteria
  • Recruiting, coaching, evaluating, and supporting effective teachers—and initiating difficult conversations with teachers who are under-performing
  • Bringing staff on board with your vision, and preparing them to make big changes
  • Making your school a visible, active part of the neighbourhood and community, and forging partnerships with key stakeholders
  • Putting instructional leadership at the centre of your work and spending more of your time in hallways and classrooms than in your office
  • Making high-quality professional development a priority
  • Empowering teachers to manage their classrooms effectively, deal with challenging issues, and boost student performance
  • Being ready and able to make tough decisions when difficult situations arise

Whatever your vision for changing your school, The Hands-On Guide to School Improvement gives you the tools you need to make that vision a reality.

Digital content includes tools for assessing lesson plans and grade books, coaching teachers, surveying staff, and more.