Language Exercises For Auditory Processing (LEAP)

Age Range: 4 to 9
ISBN: 9781575030135

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Language Exercises For Auditory Processing (LEAP)

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Larry J Mattes, Patty R Schuchardt

Here is a collection of worksheets, games, and thinking activities that can be used to develop listening comprehension and oral communication skills as children respond to questions about stories, categorise words, follow directions, describe verbal relationships, sequence events, identify errors in reasoning, and more. The activities were developed primarily for use in programs for students with language disorders or learning disabilities. You can reproduce the activity worksheets, as often as necessary, for use with your students.

The book is organised into these sections:

  • Exercises for Listening and Thinking. The activities in this section require students to process auditory information as they answer questions, identify relationships between concepts, identify errors within statements, make references, identify rhyming words, explain absurdities, use contextual information, and perform other language tasks.
  • Picture Worksheet Activities. Students are asked to identify pictures on the worksheets from descriptions and to follow oral directions for completing the worksheets.
  • Sequencing Stories. After listening to short stories, students are asked to respond to questions, to complete sentences related to the story content, to sequence story pictures, and to retell the stories.

Reproducible worksheets are included.



Language Exercises For Auditory Processing (LEAP)
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