Mindful Art Therapy
176 pages
ISBN: 9781849054263


Mindful Art Therapy: A Foundation for Practice

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Barbara Jean Davis Australian author

The mindful art therapy presented in this book places inner contemplation, openness and visual language at its centre, showing how traditional Eastern wisdom can be integrated into modern psychotherapeutic practice for mind body wellness.

This book introduces a foundation for mindful art therapy practice by providing a coherent framework that bridges paradigms between eastern and western traditions. Australian psychologist and art therapist, Barbara Jean Davis, clarifies different approaches from mindfulness traditions to guide students and practitioners in determining the most suitable and personalised method for practice, research and professional development.

The book features case studies and artworks from the treatment of common clinical presentations such as anxiety and depression and includes a guided meditation script and CD.

This book is an essential text for art therapy and psychology students, academics and allied health professionals who seek to integrate mindful art therapy into research and practice.