Learn to Dance on a Moving Carpet
134 pages
ISBN: 9781922117427


Learn to Dance on a Moving Carpet: How To Create A Balanced And Meaningful Life

$29.95, Paperback
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Jacky Dakin Australian author

Kick start yourself into action and achieve balance and resilience in your life.

In today's busy fast-changing world many people feel they have lost their way and struggle with the aspects of everyday life. In this quick 'go to' self-help guide psychologist Jacky Dakin packages up key concepts and actions for everyday coping.

Jacky sees life as a moving carpet that we need to be able to stand steadily on despite the shifts and shakes in its rhythm. If we become more self-aware, flexible and open to new experiences as we dance our journey through life we will more readily learn that there are simple strategies to cope with unexpected twists and turns.

Based on more than 25 years experience and feedback from a range of counselling and coaching clients, this book contains easy-to-digest practical advice and information along with exercises and inspirational quotes to help you find greater meaning and purpose in your life.