Demystifying Secondary Inclusion
198 pages
ISBN: 9781935609780

Demystifying Secondary Inclusion: Powerful Schoolwide & Classroom Strategies, 2ed

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Lisa Dieker

In the second edition of Demystifying Secondary Inclusion, acclaimed author, professor and teacher trainer, Dr. Lisa Dieker, provides practical, realistic and helpful ideas and techniques for including students with disabilities in the general education classroom.

In truly inclusive classrooms, teachers focus on practices that are proven and promising for all students. Teachers understand the individualistic nature of learners, put students at the centre of planning and instruction, and accept responsibility for teaching each and every student.

  • Chapters 1-3 of Demystifying Secondary Inclusion detail ways of ensuring that students with disabilities are included in the general education environment.
  • In Chapters 4-7, additional instructional strategies for embracing all learners are presented. This section also focuses on creating an inclusive classroom climate that facilitates successful learning outcomes.
  • Chapter 8 provides concrete ways to prepare staff for the process of developing and maintaining an inclusive environment and offers examples of successful practices from strong schools.
  • Each chapter ends with a set of questions to encourage reflection on current practice.

Seven overarching and interdependent topics provide the basic structure for inclusion outlined in Demystifying Secondary 1. Creating an inclusive school-wide culture

2. Celebrating the success of all students

3. Developing interdisciplinary collaboration

4. Implementing effective co-teaching

5. Establishing acting learning environments

6. Implementing successful instruction

7. Improving grading and assessments

The book specifically addresses the most frequent obstacles to inclusion at the secondary level and provides hands-on strategies for improving the teaching-learning process.