Treasure Baskets and Beyond
200 pages
Age Range: 1 to 11
ISBN: 9780335246441


Treasure Baskets and Beyond: Realizing The Potential Of Sensory-Rich Play

$47.95, Paperback
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Sue Gascoyne

Watching a child play with a Treasure Basket can give a powerful insight into the wonder of childrenÕs minds; their developmental levels, interests, likes and dislikes; repeated patterns of behaviour; and even glimpses of a childÕs personality. This book draws extensively upon observations of childrenÕs play as well as contemporary and original research in neuroscience and sensory play, to offer fresh insights into the use and benefits of Treasure Baskets and sensory-rich play.

The book demonstrates how babies through to primary school children, including those with special educational needs, can derive rich and meaningful hands-on learning from sensory-rich objects and the wider application of sensory play. Key features of the book:

  • Discovering how sensory play presents opportunities for problem solving and meaning making as well as developing creativity and imagination
  • Understanding the benefits and potential of sensory-rich play and its powerful effect upon brain development and memory
  • Learning about the role of the adult in supporting and maximising sensory-rich play
  • Gaining insights from a range of case studies and activities

If you have already witnessed deeply absorbing Treasure Basket play in action and marvelled at childrenÕs fascination and focus, then this book helps explain something of the Ôbehind the scenesÕ processes in action. For those who have not yet encountered this deceptively complex play, this book whets the appetite, giving a taste of what Treasure Baskets and sensory-rich play have to offer.

This timely and empowering book is written for practitioners and students working with babies through to primary-aged children.