Teaching Smarter
224 pages
Age Range: 10 to 18
ISBN: 9781575424927

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Teaching Smarter: An Unconventional Guide to Boosting Student Success

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Patrick Kelley

This refreshingly frank handbook shows teachers how to close the achievement gap in their classrooms by teaching students innovative paths to academic success. Drawing on over 20 years' experience, Kelley presents straightforward strategies for helping learners improve their grades and test scores and experience greater school engagement - all while streamlining the teacher's work to yield maximum efficiency.

Strategies include:

  • team-grading essays
  • using Socratic seminars and sworn statements
  • allowing for re-dos
  • ruthlessly pruning assignments
  • and many more.

Often humorous and irreverent in tone, this guide will be the talk of the break room. Includes online digital content.