Cognitive Rehabilitation Speech Programme (C.R.I.S.P)

Age Range: 18+
ISBN: 9780863888649

Cognitive Rehabilitation Speech Programme (C.R.I.S.P)

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James Japp

‘CRISP’ is a computer based speech rehabilitation tool designed to support Speech & Language Therapists between sessions with their patients. It is aimed at adults with speech and language deficit following an acquired brain injury and will help to overcome the lack of opportunity that patients often have to practice their speech in a busy hospital or empty household. It has been designed to overcome some of the psychosocial barriers to practising speech which can restrict improvement. This can include unwillingness to attempt speaking because of embarrassment regarding speech deficit, or other people word finding and filling gaps for the patient.

The therapist can select the most appropriate programme according to ability from over 20 available and then set up the task for the patient to practice in their own home. The patient listens to the word, practises and then record pronouncing the word. They can then play back their recording to make a comparison.

Designed so that all possible combination of words are included:

  • A range of syllables from 1 through to 5 syllables
  • Includes words where the stress in on the first syllable, at the end syllable or the middle syllables.
  • It has palatal fricatives, labionasal, labiodental, labio dental fricatives, diphthongs, semi vowels, alveolar fricatives, alveola plosives, labial plosives, velar plosives combinations.
  • The word and sound type are of various complexities.

CD Rom + instruction booklet. (Please note a headset with microphone is required to use this programme).