Auditory Processes
120 pages
ISBN: 9780878790944

Auditory Processes

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Pamela Gillet

This classic in the field explains how Teachers, educational consultants and parents can identify auditory processing problems, understand their impact, and implement appropriate instructional strategies to enhance learning. Dr. Gillet clearly describes the sequence of auditory skill development as well as the symptomatic behaviour of youngsters with auditory processing problems. Set forth are literally hundreds of specific remedial exercises for each condition:

  • Is there a problem with auditory discrimination? Choose from 32 test suggestions and 85 remedial exercises.
  • Auditory memory needs work? There are 27 suggested tests and 71 remedial exercises.
  • An auditory perception deficit? Thirty-four tests and 60 activities are there to meet the need for group or one-on-one instruction.

Because the auditory channel is of prime importance in language development and in learning, this book is an essential resource for both regular and special education teachers.