The Weight Escape
264 pages
ISBN: 9780670078011

The Weight Escape: Stop fad dieting, start losing weight and reshape your life using cutting-edge psychology

$29.99, Paperback
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Joseph Ciarrochi, Ann Bailey, Russ Harris Australian author

Today's the day to start making real changes. Diet fads and fitness trends may offer the prospect of losing weight, but they rarely work out long-term. The Weight Escape is different.

Focusing on the mental barriers that can stop us setting and achieving our goals, it promotes a holistic approach to well-being and weight loss - one that goes beyond meal plans and calorie counting to give a deeper meaning and mindfulness to how you live and what you eat.

Using the psychological science of ACT - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - Dr Russ Harris, medical doctor and author of The Happiness Trap, psychological practitioner Ann Bailey and scientist Joseph Ciarrochi will help you make the lasting changes you want.

Through practical exercises, quizzes and personal stories, it shows you how to:

  • Use your values and strengths to give your life direction
  • Motivate yourself in the face of ongoing challenges
  • Deal effectively with cravings, urges and stressful situations
  • Develop self-acceptance.

Get the weight-loss results you want - and so much more.