Fitzroy Readers


Faye Berryman, Philip O'Carroll Australian author

The Fitzroy Readers are a set of 70 story books that children read for themselves. The Readers take the young learner from simple sounding words like cat and mat (in the 1st story) through to words like appreciative and consciousness (in the final story) in 70 easy steps.

Children using the Fitzroy Readers typically reach a high standard of literacy by the time they enter early secondary schooling.  Their literacy opens the door to all other subjects.

Learners make rapid progress with the Fitzroy Readers because of the logical progression of new sounds.  There are no surprises in the Fitzroy Method.  Each new sound (such as a, er, all, or tion) is introduced with a particular story.  The immediate reward of each Reader is that children can decipher more of the words they see in the world around them.

A few new special (non-phonic) words – such as what and eye – are also introduced with each story.  The new sounds and special words are rehearsed before starting the story:  then the child finds they can read the story for themselves.  This gives the learner confidence, enthusiasm, and a sense of ownership of the written language.

These readers have been chosen by thousands of English teachers. The phonic approach is a decoding method - sounding out the words, and does not depend on immersion in books at home. These readers have proved successful with advanced, average and struggling students. The are also very much used where English is a second language (audio CDs are available for all stories).



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