Systematic Screening For Behavior Disorders (SSBD), 2nd Ed

Age Range: 3 to 15
ISBN: 9781599090658


Systematic Screening For Behavior Disorders (SSBD), 2nd Ed: Universal Screening for Externalizing and Internalizing Risk

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Hill M Walker, Herbert H Severson, Edward G Feil

Early intervention can make a positive difference in the lives of students with severe and/or chronic behaviour disorders.

SSBD is an evidence-based screening system for identifying students who are at risk for internalising and externalising problems. These two forms of behavioural problems can disrupt social adjustment and impair academic success. SSBD provides the means to quickly identify these students and enables school staff to implement early interventions and supports.

SSBD Gets Ahead of the Next Crisis

In most schools, students at risk of behavioural problems (and their teachers) receive support only after a referral or crisis. Research-validated SSBD enables you to use a teacher's knowledge of his or her students to identify who may benefit from additional support before that referral or crisis occurs.

Early Identification, Early Intervention

Early intervention is less intensive and more effective than allowing social-emotional difficulties to percolate under the surface. And, early intervention begins with early identification.

New Norms

In 2013, 7,000 new norms were added to the original database, providing relevance to today's youth. The updated SSBD is the indispensable school technology for early detection.



systematic screening for behavior disorders (ssbd), 2nd
Universal Screening for Externalizing and Internalizing Risk
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