Sensory Parenting
285 pages
ISBN: 9781935567417

Sensory Parenting: The Elementary Years

$28.95, Paperback
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Britt Collins, Jackie Linder Olson

A child’s sensory system affects their ability to learn, play, socialise and function. Maybe a child isn’t able to sit still in class because his shirt tag is bothering him. Or a child isn’t able to play with other children because his balance is off and other kids make him feel unstable and dizzy. Beginning with the age of five, Britt and Jackie walk parents through everyday situations and duties all the way through your child’s elementary years. They explain the underlying reasons beneath your child’s negative behaviours and the often simple fixes (sometimes not so easy, but steps that will lead you towards success). Parenting can be less stressful when you’re not struggling with your child’s sensory systems.