Differentiated Assessment
192 pages
Age Range: 11 to 18
ISBN: 9780470230817


Differentiated Assessment: How to Assess the Learning Potential of Every Student

$39.95, Paperback (inc DVD)
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Evangeline Harris Stefanakis

A comprehensive assessment system for working with under performing students

This book describes a comprehensive assessment system especially appropriate for multilingual and differentiated classrooms with large numbers of under performing students. Drawing from Multiple Intelligences theory, the approach is specifically aimed at helping teachers understand how each student learns and how best to tailor instruction to serve individual students' needs. Although the program makes use of conventional standardised tests and disability screenings, it places special importance on two approaches in particular: Student Portfolio Assessments and Personalised Learning Profiles.

Key features:

  • Provides detailed guidance and practical tools (including a DVD) for implementing successful portfolio and "profile" practices in the classroom
  • Includes real-world examples of model assessment programs from five schools
  • Explains how to integrate assessment into the instructional process as well as how the portfolio program can be used

Formal profiles provide vital information about each student's cultural background, interests, strengths, and capabilities as well as their individual learning and language needs.