Kindergarten Language Screening Test, 2ed

Age Range: 3 to 6

Kindergarten Language Screening Test, 2ed

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Sharon V Gauthier, Charles L Madison

This individually administered screening test helps you identify children who need further diagnostic testing to determine whether or not they have language deficits that will accelerate academic failure. In 5 minutes, you'll be able to identify a child who may fail academically because of a language deficit.

The KLST-2 is a thorough, quick language screener based on the original KLST, which has a 25-year history of use in the field. This edition is completely restandardized and updated; some items have been modified, and the test has been normed. You will find this to be a user-friendly screening test that employs a number of psycho-linguistically relevant tasks.

Assess expressive and receptive language competence by screening the child's ability to:

  • Demonstrate common preschool knowledge
  • Understand questions
  • Follow commands
  • Repeat sentences
  • Compare and contrast common objects
  • Use spontaneous speech

Thoroughly researched, the KLST-2 helps you obtain all of this information for individuals ages 3-6 through 6-11. The KLST-2 has strong predictive validity. The KLST-2 was normed on a sample of 519 children, ages 4-0 through 6-11. Reliability coefficients through four test/retest studies were .82 or above. Criterion-related validity has been demonstrated through three studies that demonstrate correlations with PLS-3, TOLD-P:3, and CELF-P.

Complete KLST-2 Kit includes Examiner's Manual, 50 Profile / Examiner Record Forms, Picture Book, and 3 Picture Cards, all in a sturdy storage box



kindergarten language screening test, 2ed
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