The Home Therapist
446 pages
ISBN: 9781921513916

The Home Therapist: A practical, self-help guide for everyday psychological problems

$54.95, Paperback
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Dr John Barletta, Jan Bond

This unique and easy-to-read book is a practical guide to over 130 psychological issues that you may face across a lifetime. It is both a self-help manual and an educational resource, featuring expert opinion from a range of experienced professionals. A must-have for the family bookshelf, it provides a wealth of information and helpful tips that can be used for self-care, as an addition to therapy, or in the support of others. It can also be used by doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health nurses, occupational therapists, social workers, counsellors, and life-coaches for their own continuing development, or recommended to patients and clients to enhance their treatment and recovery.

From Foreword to The Home Therapist, by Professor Patrick McGorry AO, Psychiatrist, Australian of the Year 2010 Executive Director, Orygen Youth Health, Australia

"The Home Therapist, assembled by an amazing array of experienced professionals, is a comprehensive attempt to better equip all of us to meet so many of these challenges, to reduce the risks of mental ill-health, to guide help-seeking, and to set us on a path where we and those around us might actually flourish. The book reflects a faith in the human spirit and the inherent resilience of all people given the right conditions. Happiness is an elusive goal, however, as Thomas Jefferson asserted, its pursuit is noble and essential. Every journey requires careful preparation, skills, luck and social scaffolding. This book will be an invaluable guidebook for the pursuit of mental health and happiness no matter at what stage in life the journey is commenced."