Guide to Co-Teaching
256 pages
ISBN: 9781452257785


Guide to Co-Teaching: New Lessons and Strategies to Facilitate Student Learning 3ed

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Richard A Villa, Jacqueline S Thousand, Ann I Nevin

Differentiated instruction for a diversity of learners—it's the reality of today's classrooms, and a tough task to take on alone. But co-teaching more than just lightens your load. When you and a co-teacher bring together your individual skill sets and strategies, you'll create a more enjoyable, creative, and productive teaching experience—and deliver more effective outcomes to your students, too.

Where do you start? This brand-new edition of the go-to guide uses updated research and case studies to provide detailed profiles of four approaches to co-teaching: supportive, parallel, complementary, and team-teaching. New features include:

• Brand-new chapter on preparing co-teachers in clinical practice, with examples

• Expanded explanations of the roles of paraprofessionals, administrators, and students in co-teaching

• Updated discussions of co-teaching in the RTI process

• New lesson plans linked to the Common Core State Standards and technology

• New forms and tools for establishing trust, improving communication, and planning

With quotes and advice from teachers and students, plus practical features like self-assessments and organisation tips, this is the ultimate guide to co-teaching. Find out why so many teachers prefer co-teaching to teaching alone and how co-teaching improves the process of learning for all students!