Preschool Developmental Guide
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Preschool Developmental Guide: Goals, Objectives and Intervention Strategies, 0-72 Months

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The intent of the Pre-school Developmental Guide (PDG) is to provide educators, diagnosticians, childcare professionals and parents/guardians with a selection of proven interventions for the most commonly recognised domains of child development identified in the US federal definition of developmental delays. A reference format was chosen to facilitate the selection of specific intervention strategies when meeting as a team or individually with parents/guardians and to provide a quick reference.

This guide was also developed to serve as a resource for parent training groups and parent problem solving sessions with professionals. Selection of intervention strategies was based upon the greatest likelihood of success and the ease with which professionals (e g counsellors, social workers, paediatricians, etc.) could share the recommended intervention strategies with individual parents/ guardians.

The goals and objectives identified in this manual serve as samples which may be helpful when writing an IEP for a child with identified developmental delays. The intervention strategies listed under each behaviour problem should serve as a guide for program development for children with developmental delays. This manual is designed to respond to the most typical developmental delays exhibited in early childhood. The child need not be identified as developmentally delayed 1n an area to benefit from the interventions. The appropriateness of the interventions relates directly to the problem and not to classification labels.

The Preschool Developmental Guide includes IEP goals, objectives, and interventions for all 94 items on the PES-2: 0-35 Months rating form and all 85 items on the 36-72 Months rating form.