240 pages
Age Range: 13+
ISBN: 9781575421773

Respect: A Girl's Guide to Getting Respect and Dealing When Your Line Is Crossed

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Courtney Macavinta, Andrea Vander Pluym

This smart, savvy book helps teen girls get respect and hold on to it no matter what—at home, at school, with their friends, and in the world. Tips, activities, writing exercises, and quotes from teens keep readers involved. This “big sister” style inspires trust. Girls learn respect is connected to everything, every girl deserves respect, and respect is always within reach because it starts on the inside.

This book is your guide to getting respect and keeping it.

Learn how to:

  • be honest about what you want, think, and need
  • fight back against the myths that keep girls down
  • speak up when your line is crossed
  • set boundaries and stick to them
  • value your total originality
  • solve disrespect dilemmas
  • protect and defend yourself
  • build strong relationships and support other girls
  • get respect at school and at home
  • spread respect and make the world a better place

Respect. You need it. You want it. You deserve it.